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Technical Note: TN0044 - Rev 03

SP LINK Command Options

SP LINK supports a number of command options that can be called when SP LINK starts.

NOTE: Use of these commands options requires knowledge of the command line interface within the Windows environment. These are provided on an AS IS basis.

Command Line Options

  • /QuickView: Connects to the specified site and displays the maximum size QuickView screen. If no site specified, the last site opened will be used.
  • /Min: Minimises SP LINK.
  • /Max: Maximises SP LINK.
  • /Site:”<Sitefile>”: Loads the specified site file.
  • /PerformanceSite:”<Site File>”: Connects to the specified site, performs a Performance Data download and terminates. Only the splash screens will be displayed.
  • /PerformanceData:Detailed,Events,Daily: Selects what types of performance data will be downloaded. Any combination of the three options may be included. If no options are detected or entire command option omitted then all data types are downloaded.
  • /PerformanceDates:Today|All|<StartDate>,<EndDate>: Select the duration of data that will be downloaded. Only one option allowed. Dates are taken as at midnight and in dd/mm/yyyy format. Dates beyond stored data range revert to earliest or latest stored date. If no options are detected or entire command option omitted then the entire duration is downloaded.

More Information

SP LINK command lines options are implemented in version 4.0 and later.

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.