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Installation Note: IN0055 - Rev 03

Section 3

SelectSun Configuration
The settings listed below are required to be configured in each SelectSun inverter in order for the system to operate correctly.

Each SelectSun inverter must be set to an inverter Slave address from 1 to 5 as appropriate.

  • Isolate the AC and connect the DC supply to the SelectSun inverter(s) and ensure that the DC supply (minimum 200Vdc) is present at the SelectSun inverter

  • When the SelectSun inverter is powered for the first time, Step through the initial stages of commissioning the inverters Country Code, Grid select, etc, until the following is displayed on the screen

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Once the display is active on the SelectSun inverter, enter the main menu. To enter main menu, press the F1 button once, then using the DOWN key (˅), scroll to Configuration and press OK. The ESC is also used to escape back to the previous menu.

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Scroll to Communication and press OK.

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Scroll to RS485 and press OK.

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Scroll to Slave address and press OK.

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Set the Slave address and press OK.

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  • If only one SelectSun inverter is installed then the address must be set to 1.
  • If more than one SelectSun inverter is installed then the address must be allocated sequentially starting from 1 (i.e. first SelectSun = 01, second SelectSun = 02, third SelectSun = 03 etc)
  • Once the “Inverter Number” is selected, press the OK button to configure and return to the “RS485” menu.

Scroll to Protocol and press ENTER.

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Set the Protocol to 4 and press OK. This must be applied for all SelectSun inverters installed.

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Press the ESC button four times to return to the main display.

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  • If there are multiple SelectSun inverters installed, repeat for all others.
  • When all is configured, the SelectSun inverter display screen will cycle through the amount of energy currently fed automatically.

Continue to section System Commissioning – Additional Tests.

System Commissioning – Additional Tests
In addition to the normal system testing that would be performed, the following additional tests must be performed as detailed below.

NOTE: Make sure that only DC is connected at this stage.

Communications Link Verification
The correct operation of the SelectSun Managed AC Coupling relies on the Communications Link. It is vital that the communications link (RS485) connection has been setup correctly before operating the AC coupled system.

  • Check that all the RS485 connections have been connected correctly.
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  • Isolate the AC and connect the DC supply to the SelectSun inverter. Make sure that the DC supply is present at the SelectSun inverter and its display is on.

  • Using SP LINK, connect to the SP PRO. In the Data View > Now tab there should be a model number displayed for each of the installed inverters.

The communication link may be further tested using the AC Solar Link Test found in SP LINK under the Service Settings tab.

  • In the Service Settings tab click the Reset Counters button.

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  • Wait 2 minutes and check that the error count remains at zero for all the connected SelectSun inverters.

NOTE: An error count of 5 or less per minute is acceptable but in this case it is good practice to check the wiring and that the termination resistors are set correctly in the SP PRO and SelectSun.

Once the Communications link has been verified for each SelectSun inverter, the AC feeds to each SelectSun inverter can be switched on and full system testing and verification can be performed.

Testing the Failsafe on the RS485 Link
Once the system is operational, unplug the RS485 communications link from the SP PRO to the SelectSun inverters. Wait 1 minute and check that the output of each of the SelectSun inverters has dropped to approximately 0.1kW.

Additional Information
Visit the Selectronic: Knowledge Base or contact Selectronic via the Customer Portal.