If you are using the DC Coupled method then you can use any type of Solar Controller you wish; series control, MPPT or other. These will work independent of the SP PRO but a current shunt must be installed in the DC negative from the controller through to the battery. The current shunt allows the SP PRO to read the DC current and accurately calculate State Of Charge of the batteries.

If you are using the AC Coupling method in a Grid Tie Battery Backup (Solar Hybrid) system, then any grid tie inverter can be used. The SP PRO will use the grid tie inverter as a solar controller using our Generic Inverter Control.  A Selectronic Certified grid inverter is recommended as it provides precise control over the connected solar and can manage twice the solar power as is allowed using a Generic inverter.

Only a Selectronic Certified grid inverter can be used in a Stand Alone Off Grid system when using the AC Coupled method.