Selected single phase ABB or Fronius grid-tie inverters can be supplied through the Selectronic distribution channel as compatible with our managed AC Coupling technology. This is required where the solar needs to be controlled, such as in export limited Solar Hybrid applications or Off-Grid systems. Energy output from the Selectronic Certified ABB or Fronius will be controlled in as fine as 0.1% steps. 

Selectronic Certified means it is guaranteed to operate as required with the SP PRO battery inverter and comes complete with the hardware required to easily connect the two together.  Selectronic will also provide support for these units.

If you are adding battery storage to an existing grid tie system with an ABB or Fronius inverter already installed, then there is no need to update these to a Selectronic Certified version, unless the total amount of solar generated energy exceeds the export limit (zero on an Off-Grid system).