AC Coupling is a method of inserting Solar into a battery based system via the AC circuit rather than the traditional DC Circuit. To do this, a standard Grid Tie inverter is used to turn the high voltage DC from the Solar Panels into AC Electricity. AC Coupling is highly efficient for “Self Consuming” Solar Power. There are two methods of AC Coupling.

Managed AC Coupling

Communications between the battery based SP PRO and the Selectronic Certified Grid Inverter allow precise control over the amount of Solar output.

This is particularly important if Grid Feed Export is limited or not allowed or with an Off Grid system.

For more detail, see Managed AC Coupling. 

Generic AC Coupling

This is suitable for On Grid systems only.

Any grid tie inverter is connected to the Load side of the battery based SP PRO but cannot be controlled, so is not suitable for Off Grid systems or Grid Systems where the Solar array is larger than the export allowance to the grid.